Wednesday, March 18, 2015

5 photos

These pictures where taken in Key West on the beach. For the first picture I cropped the photo to remove some of the water because it was a weird shade of green and brown, and couldnt make it more blue without effecting the sky and building. I made the second picture black and white because the sky was too blown out white and I couldn't correct it without making the water purple. I also cropped the photo down because in the background on the right side there was a cliff drawing focus. The third photo had half a palm tree coming into the top left corner that is now removed. I also increased the lights on the tone curve. The fourth picture had the sky blown out white so I lowered the exposure rating and the whites to increase the blue of the sky and the greenery. For the sunset, i increased the lights and darks on the tone curve so that the water seemed less grey and to increase the vividness of the sunset.

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